Easter Weekend... part 1

 Each year we have a wonderfully busy Easter weekend with lots of events and fun parties. But we always like to showcase our annual events at The Club at Carlton Woods starting with Friday nights seafood buffet. Above is a fabulous piece with purple mocara orchids, green anthirium, purple tulips, curly willow, and green spider buttons in a giant sea shell.
 We coordinated the fun purples and green with a few blue and teal accents for the table centerpieces.
 We also did some fun smaller pieces for the buffets and longer tables in little sea shells!
And of course we always do a few stunning showpieces! This beautiful piece with white manzinita branches, green anthirium, draping leaves, purple mocaras and splashes of blocking forsythia was the star of the night!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our fabulous Easter Weekend at The Club(s) at Carlton Woods...

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