Fiery Fall Tones

School has started, which means fall is right around the corner. Luckily that also means the intense Houston heat is on its way out for a season or two. As the temperatures drop the number of outdoor weddings increase, and beautiful fall colors are the perfect way to add spice and flare to a late summer or fall event.

Texture, and visual interest ranked among the top of this Brides priorities. By using a mix of tropical flowers, elegant calla lilies, electric green hydrangea, and other flowers we created a bouquet that truly reflected her fiery personality.

For a more contemporary and non-traditional flare we opted to adorn the Groom and Fathers with pocket squares. Using orchids, chocolate cosmos, and hypericum berries we mimicked the textural interest of the Brides bouquet while keeping it simple and masculine.

Autumn tones are some of the most inviting and emotional colors used throughout the year. They evoke passionate sensations with fiery oranges, reds, burgundy, chocolates, and yellows, creating an energetic and comfortable ambiance. Often times we will add a pop of lime green to liven things up or use deep espresso brown to intensify the richness and depth of the color scheme.

... hello Fall!

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