Green Machine

... have you ever seen that drink? Well aparently it's supposed to give you a super boost of energy when your feeling drained. I think we get the same type of "boost" from all the gorgeous flowers we work with, because although May was crazy and we were all exhausted we just kept on goin {kind of like the energizer bunny}

The last week in May was filled with one event after the other. Each day was something new and different. One of our favorite events was the CMMA event at the Niklaus club house at Carlton Woods. It was all purples and greens with a contemporary flair. The showpiece was built with bamboo orchid trees and clustered artichockes, eggplant, roses, cymbidium orchids, tropical leaves and lily grass. The table centerpieces were a smaller version of the showpiece in a clear glass cube with artichokes, eggplant calla lilies, lavender roses and green and lavender scabiosa.

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