Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen, especially because they are so fragrant. They are also one of the most requested wedding flowers all year round, unfortunately they also have one of the shortest seasons. And yes you can find them out of season but they will usually cost three times as much and be three times as small, which is why unless they are in season, we will always suggest suitable substitutes.

 So when is the best time for peonies? Mid-April is usually when we start to see them. They stick around until about June, sometimes you can find them through Mid-June. Any other time of the year they usually aren't as impressive as during the spring. So if you're dead set on having these beautiful flowers in your wedding, shoot for a time in the spring.

Peonies usually come in a soft white, blush pink, baby pink, coral and fuschia. They vary in sized as well, from small round almost golf ball sized buds to lush open blooms that can get as big as your hand. Usually they range in between. But they are always crowd pleasers, and always a beautiful addition to wedding or event flowers.

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