Perfectly Purple Tulips

 Augusta Pines is a beautiful venus for a reception and we absolutely LOVE the staircase in the reception hall! But the best part about Augusta Pines is how beautifully it sets the stage for stunning floral arrangements, especially these fabulous purple centerpieces.
 A great way to wow your guests at  your reception is to use alternating heights in your arrangements. Tall arrangements scattered throughout the room create visual height that helps create a more intimate feel for your guests. These tall arrangements in fluted vases are filled with plum gladiolas surrounded by a cloud of white hydrangeas, While the low arrangements are a mix of white hydrangea and plum tulips.
The bridal bouquet was a beautiful mix of all white blooms including: tulips, roses and peonies, While her cake was accented by white cymbidium blooms and a bed of lavender rose petals.

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