Pew Decor Ideas

As the bride awaits with her bridesmaids, all dressed and waiting for their cue; the guests are often enjoying the beautiful atmosphere, waiting patiently to see the blushing bride. In this moment all the planning, scheduling, and details pay off as the guests rise to watch the beautiful bride ascend down the aisle. Chapels, sanctuaries, and out door venues offer beautiful surroundings for such momentous occasions, but without the brides personal touch it would merely be another event.
The personality and style of the couple can best be expressed through their choice of flowers and arrangements. It's all the details, grand and minute that combine to create the prefect ambiance for a wedding. Pew decorations are a common addition to any chapel or sanctuary. They provide added emphasis for multiple reasons; to emphasize the aisle (especially in large sanctuaries), to signify where special guests should sit (family or bridal party), and to soften the transition between the aisle and the wooden pews, just to name a few. Above are a few examples of many different ideas to dress up your aisle. It can be as simple as a single flower with coordinating ribbon or as extravagant as an entire arrangement to coordinate with all your other floral accents. Just make sure that you choose a style that reflects your personality, after all, it is YOUR big day!

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