Table Scapes

 Table scapes have become very popular for head tables or King's table. The table scape involves multiple elements and heights along the length of the table. This table scape has multiple height candle sticks, some with candles and some with florals. On the table we had a variety of greenery including ivy, ruskus and sprengerii with votives and succulents, creating a lot of interest and textures.
 This table scape for a round table has soft shades of white, yellow and green blooms in milk glass vases at different heights.
 We created this table scape in a variety of mercury glass vases and votives in soft shades of white, yellow and grey and a selection of spring flowers.
 This head table scape has long & low arrangements interspersed with votives and multi level candle holders with floating candles.
A King's table with multi level floral arrangements created on candles sticks with soft pink & ivory blooms

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