TSFA Convention 2011... part 1

July is convention month for the Texas State Florists Association, and this year it was held in our backyard at The Marriott Hotel on the waterway. Mary was in charge of all the volunteers and hands on classes, and was elected Retail Director for the 2011-2012 year! Because she gets so involved we all had the opportunity to participate in the classes and design work for the show. The next few posts will be a recap of some of the beautiful arrangements that were at the convention, many of which our very own designers created!

These two gorgeous arrangements (made by us!) were framing the entrance to the trade show. On Saturday Morning there was a ribbon cutting ceremony (which was really a ribbon made with flowers and a garland of greens) and the ribbon tied to the bamboo in these beauties!
We also did that arrangements for the Botanica booth, the Flower shop network booth and in other areas of the show.
Doesn't the arrangement of hydrangea remind you of a cloud? I just wanted to lay my head on it!
How about 200 extremely long stemmed roses for next valentines? Sign me up! Stay tuned for lots more pictures from our fabulous convention weekend!

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