Vibrant Purples

When I see purples I can't help but think of one word... Royalty! The richness of the hues lends itself to a sultry depth, no wonder it was the preferred color of royalty. With a mix of roses, lisianthus, stock, spider mums, snap dragons, lilies and hydrangea it was a beautiful combination of texture and dimension.

We used 3 different styles of arrangements throughout the Emerald Ballroom at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. The first was a tall arrangement  with a mixture of the flowers used throughout the wedding in fuchsia and purple tones. The second was a low cube arrangement with a pave'd effect for a colorful clustered impact in the center of the table, and the third was a trio of vases with submerged snapdragons and floating candles. It's always nice to have a variety of light sources to create a more intimate mood, and the floating candles definitely adds to the romantic ambiance.

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