Wedding Trends 2013

2013 is bringing a whole new set of wedding trends in the flower category. With a softer more ethereal feel, the 2013 colors have also shifted. Softer, muted colors are ruling the scene this year with a focus on anything in the mint family.  
 Bouquet trends: Cascades! A vintage bouquet silhouette will make a big return this year. Cascades are returning as vintage styles have begun to rule the fashion world. They are classic, long, and lusciously full of flowers.

 Decor trends: Garlands! 2013 brides are swooning over the full soft and delicate nature of garlands. They can be used anywhere from the ceremony to the reception, even as a beautiful head table piece. Filled with flowers, ribbons and even lights, garlands will be seen much more this year.

 Flower trend: Peonies! Lush, full, romantic and oh so fragrant, peonies are this years must have bloom. But make sure you are ready to pay for it, they are nothing short of pricey. And if having peonies is super important to you, then make sure you plan your day around when they are in season! But remember there are lots of good substitutions that can give you the look, feel, and fragrancy a peonie offers.
Centerpiece trends: The English Garden! Our brides love the soft romantic feel that these arrangements evoke. With a beautiful mix of textures and colors brides are craving the look of the "freshly picked" arrangement. The are lush, beautiful and always romantic.

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