Carlton Woods Member Guest Event

 In the fall of each year The Club at Carlton Woods holds its annual Member Guest event. This year it couldn't have been on a more beautiful day. The skies were blue, there was a light breeze and the temperature was near perfect. So what could have made the day more fabulous? Well our stunning flowers of course!
 With a mix of low, medium and high standing arrangements we created lots of focal points in an open air space, which in turn helps create a more intimate setting. The arrangements were filled with orange lilies, coffee bean (brown hypericum berries), butterscotch cymbidium orchid blooms, mango and flame miniature calla lilies, two tone orange and yellow roses and purple bombay dendrobium orchids.
 The buffet arrangement was done in a contemporary style with twisting movement and clusters of flowers, creating high impact and vivid color.
 With arching curly willow, grapevine and bittersweet, the lilies, calla lilies, roses, hypericum berries and cymbidium orchids were a beautiful sight to behold.
 Underneath the tent we had alternating high and low arrangements in the same style and with the same fabulous color scheme.
 The tent was draped in champagne and chocolate satin fabric and created a luxurious feel throughout the room.
 The Champions table had an inspiring arrangement with glowing led birch branches, masses of lilies and flowers, orchid blooms on each napkin, cymbidiums suspended in the vase and rose petals on the table.
 The awards table also had a few floral clusters to add color and texture and help tie everything together.
 It was a truly stunning event. We can't wait for next year!

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