We do it all

This past week we had a very distinctive request. Most often all our work is custom, based on the customers style, color, or variety preference. There is always one thing in common, the flowers are stunning. But this week we had an unusual request. We recieved a phone call from one our most loyal customers who usually loves an arrangement with bright colors and beautiful fragrance. This time she began the phone call asking if we had any dead flowers... Seem strange? We thought so too! Her motive behind the question gave all the ladies at the shop a good laugh. On her 40th birthday she had recieved a hidiously dead bouquet of flowers from her brother in law. She explained that it has become a long standing joke between them to do something outlandish for their birthdays. Her request was that we send the most hideous arrangement we could conjur up to her brother in law with a card that said "now were even."

As I mentioned we do it all...

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