White Winter Wedding

Winter in Houston is not quite what you imagine when you think of a white winter, but that doesn't mean there's not a fair share of white to go around. With it being the most popular winter wedding color it's not a surprise that in December we had quite a few spectacular white weddings. This beautiful bride carried a bouquet of white roses and cymbidium orchids wrapped in a white satin ribbon with a sparkling broach accent. Her ceremony was held at St. Anthony of Paudua's Catholic Church in The Woodlands, which is already beautiful, but with a few stunning arrangements in all white along with pew decor of lilies and holy it truly transforms the sanctuary.
Her reception was held at Augusta Pines in their fabulous ballroom. By alternating 2 different styles of centerpieces the room held fabulous appeal and had a wonderful variety of texture and visual interest. With a combination of white gladiolas, white oriental lilies, white dendrobium orchids, bells of Ireland and mixed greens the depth of each arrangement drew the eyes in and begged for more attention, which is exactly what you want from your arrangements. It's all about getting the initial reaction, the ohh-ing and ahh-ing and then as the night continues the centerpieces that are truly spectacular simply beg for closer inspection. These arrangements did just that! Congratulations to our beautiful bride, we love show casing our favorite weddings!

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