A Summer of Fiery Love

When the temperature starts to climb and the sun is our on a regular basis all the colors around seem to be much more intense, letting everyone know that summer is finally here (not to mention the 100+ degree days). With all the heat and sunshine it seems fitting to create some hot and fiery pieces to showcase this couples big day. The mixture of lilies, gerbera daisies, roses, curly willow, hypericum berries, safari sunset and bells of Ireland made for some visually stimulating colors that were reminiscent of hot, passionate, summer days.
The reception decor incorporated 3 different centerpiece designs. The first was a beautiful cylinder filled with coordinating flowers in hot colors, the second was a cluster of blooms attached to the top of antiqued lanterns and the third small clusters of blooms attached to a miniature wrought iron candleabra, just for a touch of color. The tiered cake made a big statement with layers of cake alternating with flowers in a variety of fiery oranges and reds. The cinnamon accents throughout the room carried the spicy theme to each table. It was another successful hot summer night filled with gorgeous flowers and a beautiful bride.

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