A Weekend Marathon... part 1

 There is something magical about the fall, but at the while time seems to disappear at an increasingly rapid pace. The beautiful weather is the perfect setting for outdoor weddings. I'm sure many of us would love to have been married or would love to get married on a beautifully non-humid day where the temperatures linger around 70 degrees. While not all of us have that luxury, on October 16th we celebrated the beautiful weather with 11 events! Yes, I said 11. Our expert team managed every detail to perfection. So here is part one our very own October marathon!
 Rich colors really popped of the heavenly background. Blooms of asiatic lilies, two tone roses, bells of ireland and hypericum berries provided luscious texture for her guests to enjoy.
 I love to see all the different cakes at the weddings we do. I am amazed at the talent that I see in all the intricate work that goes into every layer, every ribbon and every piped design. I always end up dreaming about what wonderful concoctions are inside; they always smell so lovely!

 I fell in love with the designs for this wedding. I love texture and of course my favorite color is green! I am continually attracted to the fresh and energizing effects that a green and white event has on those lucky enough to enjoy the decor.This brides dress was truly stunning and she was so sweet.
 I loved the table centerpieces; full, lush and slightly funky with hydrangea, spider mums, green hypericum, and monkey tails!

Her ceremony was held of the Forest Deck at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. Our rental curtains created a soft ambiance for the ceremony, accented by 2 gorgeous altar arrangements in all white and green.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our 11 event marathon weekend!

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