All Hallows Eve

 One of our favorite things about this time of year, other than the crisp cool air, which has finally decided to stay for a while, are the fabulous parties! This year for The Club at Carlton Woods children's Halloween party was filled with fun, bright, and vibrant fall colors and Spooky accents. 
 They also had an adult Halloween party with gorgeous plum, black, lavender and ruby toned decor. Each centerpiece was filled with texture, glitter, fragrance and even illuminated by a lavender underwater light.
 With suspended orchids and arching tulips these tall centerpieces were stunning against the platinum linens from The Linen House.
 Our Dessert table buffet arrangement was truly alive with a skull and horns.
Our showpiece for the event consisted of a giant black tree with black ribbon, purple glitter leaves, led twinkling lights and orchids tangled throughout the branches. at the base of the tree a beautiful black urn was exploding with rich vibrant blooms. Now, we don't simple use flowers in our arrangements, we incorporated beautiful plum glitter branches, eggplant artichokes, ribbons and lights. With all these beautiful elements we can create a truly spectacular showpiece.

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