Champagne & Crystals

It is interesting to follow color trends as the years progress. As a designer you notice the colors that stick around, almost in a sense becoming timeless, staples to any type of design. A few years ago turqouise and chocolate made it's big day view, and although turqouise has shifted from a predominant home decor color it's making its way into fashion. Last year we saw the addition of green in everything. Kitchens, flowers, fashion, it was all "going green" in more ways than one. This season purple has made a royal come back, with all it's luster and depth. But there are certian colors that will always be around. The Chocolate family is here to stay. As an alternate to black, which can sometimes be too harsh chocolate or espresso colors are a perfect formal substitue. On the opposite end of the color spectrum white can also be a little blinding. Thus, creams, champagnes, and ivories have taken center stage.

The bouquet we did for C.L. this last december was a beautiful piece inspired by a vintage lace dress in a true champagne hue. She loved the timeless nature of the dress and wanted to replicate it in her bouquet. We used a combination of creams, ivories, and champagne colors to get a rich depth. The variety of blooms mimiced the intricate lace she loved so much and the crystals were a fun touch to coordinate with the Brides jewelry. A combination of Quicksand roses, Vendella roses, miniature garden roses, lisianthus and stock added just the right amount of visual interest and a light and fresh aroma.

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