Love is in the air

Can you believe that February is right around the corner? Sometimes it feels like January is a month that flies by without many people realizing what month it is! Well, we are here to give you fair warning... Valentines Day is right around the bend!
Each year at the shop each designer gets to create a masterpiece to call their own. These pictures are a few of the 2012 Valentines day specials from The Blooming Idea!
So we encourage you, if you see something you love, don't wait to call and place your order! By ordering early you will ensure that you get the perfect arrangement for your special someone.
So why would you order flowers for your one and only on Valentines? Let me give you a few beautiful reasons. 1. Flowers are one of the few things you can have delivered the same day you order! 2. Flowers are scientifically proven to brighten the mood! 3. What better way to tell someone you care for than with something that will help keep their new years resolutions!
And by ordering from The Blooming Idea, you are guaranteed a stunning work of art every time.
It doesn't matter if you want something traditional...
... or contemporary. We will create something just for you, that your sweet heart is sure to love!
So don't wait! Give us a call today and pre-order your Valentines arrangements for all the special someone's in your life!

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