Marathon Weekend... part 2

 The Pecten Ballroom at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center is one of the larger ballrooms with high ceilings. In order to really create a "wow" impact you need to fill the space with some thing gorgeous, lush, and colorful. Now what in the world could that possibly be? Hmm.... Oh, I know FLOWERS!
 These gorgeous flowers were amazing; and when you walked into the room you had to stop and admire all the gorgeous flowers. We did some tall and some low arrangements which creates depth and interest but the tall arrangements really added the "WOW" factor. With a mixture of roses, lilies, mums, hypericum, dahlias, orchids, and miniature garden roses the flowers really brought the room to life.

 This was an event to remember. With spring time colors that were fresh and exciting these gorgeous centerpieces in the Emerald Ballroom at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center were the perfect compliment to a formal event.
Filled with dendrobium orchids, yellow roses, green gladiolas, green cymbidium orchids, bells of Ireland and seeded eucalyptus these arrangements were fresh, fun and formal.

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