So it is true...

We've always heard that flowers make you feel better, and how can you not agree? A recent survey done by shows that having flowers around not only makes you a happier person, it also is one of 24 proven ways to boost your energy and mood! Here is the article: 

Ready, Set, Recharge! 24 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Your Mood

woman holding flower
Ericka McConnell

Buy Yourself Flowers

Why wait for your guy to treat you? A bouquet can put you in a good mood -- and even give you an all-day energy boost -- regardless of where it comes from, according to Harvard psychologist Nancy Etcoff, PhD. When we see flowers, our brains may instantly conjure festive memories. Put a vase of gerbera daisies on your kitchen table to start your morning right.

So what's stopping you? Go buy yourself some gorgeous flowers!

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