Carlton Woods Advisory Board dinner

 Each year the Club at Carlton Woods holds a fabulous dinner for the advisory board at The Fazio. This year we created a beautiful table scape with elevated arrangements. A mixture of Christmas greenery filled the room with a beautiful fresh aroma while a mix of auburn, red and copper blooms added interest and texture to each centerpiece.
 We also added soft twinkling lights and glittered birch branched as a bridge between each piece. On the table top each vase was surrounded by a wreath of greens and roses accents by ornaments. With candle light in pedestal glasses and roses on each napkin the table was set to perfection.
We want to take a second to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We are so grateful for all our loyal customers. We love celebrating the holidays with you.

From all of us at The Blooming Idea, Merry Christmas!

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